Wildlife Habitat Enhancement Planting

deer-plot-plantingWildlife habitat can be improved by planting of hard mast (pecans, oaks, chestnuts) and soft mast (apples, pears, persimmons) as well as plants that are browsed or used for cover.  Genetic diversity should be kept in mind when planting by using a variety of species and cultivars.

Wildlife Plot Planting

When planting for wildlife, you should plant species and varieties that will drop their fruit over a long period of time to provide food sources for as much of the year as possible.

Type of plants & trees to plant for wildlife enhancement

Baby B Pecan_Row of TreesBass is offering a wide selection of trees for wildlife.  From common oaks, apples and pears to those not so readily found (hybrid oaks, grafted persimmons, mulberries, etc.) we have the trees for all types of plantings.