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Bass Pecan Tree Nursery Catalog

Here is our 2015 catalog:
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Bass Pecan Tree Nursery Catalog:

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Our young Creek Pecan Orchard
Our young Creek Pecan Orchard

For more than 100 years since our founding in 1906, Bass has been populating pecan orchards throughout the United States with quality trees. During much of the Twentieth Century, Bass was the largest pecan tree nursery in the world. We have been the stewards of Bass for almost ten years, and we strive to continue the legacy of quality set forth in the century before.

With the cornerstone of history and the science and innovation we have implemented, Bass introduces our Root-Max™ trees to the marketplace. Root-Max™ trees are grown in root training patented containers designed to create dense fibrous root systems which lead to better livability and faster growth. This process promotes earlier
production with trees becoming larger at an earlier age. Larger trees produce more nuts or fruit. We focus on producing larger container grown trees which transplant better and produce sooner than bare root trees.

In addition to pecan trees, we are now producing a large number of hard and soft mast trees for wildlife habitat enhancement. Many of these trees are excellent for landscape and orchard plantings as well.

To insure the best quality trees, we use as many of our own resources as possible. Our root-stock is grown from seed originating in our own orchards, and much of the scion wood for our grafted selections originates in our orchards as well. We are not just a nursery. We grow many of the species we produce in our own orchards, giving us a unique perspective in the nursery industry.

If there is something you are looking for that is not listed, please let us know, as we may have a source for it or we can grow the material for you. Please feel free to contact us also with any questions that you may have.

Max Draughn, Owner