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Tree Types

  • Other Trees

    Bass Pecan plants and bushes are container grown with outstanding dense fibrous root systems.
  • Chestnut Trees

  • Hybrid Oak Trees

    Our hybrid oaks are natural hybrids, meaning they occur in nature with no human intervention. Oaks readily cross with each other and show attributes of both parents. Hybrid oaks should be planted with standard oaks to ensure genetic diversity.

  • Oak Trees

    Oak trees come in mainly two types: white and red. White oaks produce yearly acorns with fewer tannins, which they usually drop early in the fall. Red oak acorns have a higher tannin content, since they typically take two seasons to mature.

  • Fruit Trees

    Bass Pecan offers a wide variety of fruit trees which can be used for your orchard or home. These trees are also popular among hunters and other wildlife enthusiasts for enhancing wildlife habitats with sustainable food sources.
  • Pecan Trees

    Since 1906 Bass Pecan has provided pecan trees for pecan orchards. Our container grown trees utilize a proprietary germination system, which encourages aggressive root growth and allows us to grow superior trees, faster.