Pawnee Pecan Tree

(USDA Mohawk x Starking Hardy Giant) Type I. 50 nuts/lb. 53% kernel.

Pawnee was bred to produce large pecans very early in the season (late September) making this a profitable selection.

Pawnee is extremely tolerant to winter freezes and retains its leaves until late autumn. The tree structure is more upright and narrow than most pecan varieties, creating a striking form in the landscape. Pawnee is the only pecan tree known to have significant resistance to yellow aphids. The large, elliptical nut has a medium thick shell that can easily be removed.

Characteristic Value
Cultivar Pawnee
Pollination Type I
Nuts per lb 50
% Kernel 53
Harvest Date Sept. 20
Scab Resistance Poor
Best Pollinators Elliott, Kanza, Lakota, McMillan


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