Hybrid Oak

Container Grown Hybrid Oak Trees

Our hybrid oaks are all natural hybrids, meaning that they occur in nature with no human intervention. Oaks readily cross with each other, red oaks with red oaks and white oaks with white oaks… read more…

Bass trees are container grown with outstanding dense fibrous root systems.

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Ship-able Mini-Max™ Pecan Tree
Mini-Max™ Pecan Tree

Announcing Mini-Max™ Ship-able Trees

Our Mini-Max™ program provides 5”x5”x12” containers for pecan trees and 4”x4”x10”containers for all other species. The bottomless pots may be mini in size, but inside, the maximum fibrous root system will ensure the most favorable start possible. Mini-Max™ pecans are air root pruned 3 times to break tap root dominance. These are the same trees that we move up to our 7 gallon Root-Max™ containers later in their growth cycle.

While the pot is small, the tree is not. Many varieties are up to 3 feet tall in our Mini-Max™ containers when shipped to you. Now making it more accessible to everyone, we can ship all of our Mini-Max™ selections via UPS – even one single tree at a very economical price!

7 gallon Oak Tree
7 gallon Compton Oak Tree

Some of these hybrids turn out to be excellent trees. Identifying hybrids in the wild can be difficult at times. Sometimes more than two species make up the parentage of these oaks making the identification even more difficult. Hybrids will usually show attributes of both parent species and trees will vary in the expression of these characteristics from tree to tree.

Hybrid oaks should be planted with standard oaks to insure genetic diversity.