Pecans Inshell

Inshell only

Tuesday through Saturday 10am to 2pm

Last day is Wednesday, Nov. 25

Purchase at our nursery at:

3958 Oakley Road, Raymond

NOW OPEN until Pecans are gone.

NO Cracking, NO Shelling, NO Shipping

Call 601-857-6177 for more information

Sold by variety in 10lb and 50lb bags

Now Available Avg Nuts per LB. Avg % of Meat 10lb 50lb
Creek* 50/LB. 49% $40.00 $150.00
Elliott* 72/LB. 51% $40.00 $150.00
Kanza 65/LB. 52% $30.00 out of stock
Maramac 53/LB. 53% $30.00 $150.00
* Quantity discounts available on Creek and Elliott above 100 LBs.