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Bass Tradition

Young Pecan Orchard

For more than 100 years since our founding in 1906, Bass has been populating pecan orchards throughout the United States with quality trees.  During much of the Twentieth Century, Bass was considered the largest pecan tree nursery in the world.  As many as 2.5 million pecan trees were in the nursery at one time.


We grow and manage our own orchards as well, making us unique in the nursery industry. Our personal experience in our own orchards gives us insight that others don’t have.

We have been the stewards of Bass for over ten years and we strive to continue the legacy of quality set forth in the century before.

Root-Max™ Container Grown Trees

Our Root-Max™ trees are grown in patented root training containers designed to create dense fibrous root systems which will lead to better survivability and faster growth. After planting your Root-Max™ tree, you will see faster growth and earlier production.   Larger trees will produce more nuts or fruit.  We focus on producing larger container grown trees which will transplant better and produce sooner that bare root trees.

To insure the best quality trees, we use as many of our own Root-Max™ resources as possible.  Our root-stock is grown from seed originating in our own orchards and much of the scion wood for our grafted selections originates in our orchards as well.

Mini Max Pecan exampleMini-Max™ Container Grown Trees

Our Mini-Max™  program provides 5″x5″x12″ containers for pecan trees and 4″x4″x10″ containers for all other species. The bottomless pots may be mini in size, but inside, the maximum fibrous root system will ensure the most favorable start possible. Mini-Max™ pecans are air root pruned 3 times to break tap root dominance. These are the same trees that we move up to our 7 gallon Root-Max™  containers later in their growth cycle. While the pot is small, the tree is not. Many varieties are up to 3 feet tall in our Mini-Max™ containers when shipped to you. Now making it more accessible to everyone, we can ship all of our Mini-Max™ selections via UPS – even one single tree at a very economical price!

We are continually adding to our offerings.  However, if there is something that you are looking for that is not listed, please let us know and we may have a source for it or we can grow the material for you.  Please feel free to contact us with any questions that you may have.

Bass Pecan Nursery

Since 1906 Bass Pecan Company has provided pecan trees for pecan orchards around the world. Our Root-Max™ container grown pecan trees utilize a proprietary germination system and use special containers for aggressive root growth. This protocol allows Bass Pecan to grow superior trees.

Recently, Bass expanded its nursery to include fruit trees, oaks and hybrid oaks along with other wildlife trees and shrubs to provide hunters and other wildlife enthusiasts with sustainable vegetation to enhance wildlife habitat.

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