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Knowledge Base

  • Why, when and how do I graft a tree?

    Not really sure about grafting your own trees? Here are a few articles to get you started...
  • Grafting Step by Step

    I want some pecans to eat.  Can’t I just plant a pecan? Sure you can.  Just be aware there are multiple factors in play. Proper stratification is the first factor to consider.  In the wild, pecans fall from a tree and lie on the ground; the ones that aren’t eaten by wildlife get a chance to grow ...
  • Hands-on Info About Growing Pecans

    by the Mississippi Pecan Growers Association Want to learn even more information on growing pecans in a hands on setting? Join the MS Pecan Growers Association and learn from industry specialists. Our orchard is used as the “classroom” for field days. The next field day is coming soon.  Email us ...
  • United States Plant Hardiness Zone Map

    View Interactive Map
  • Pecan Tree Planting Guide

    At Bass Pecan Company, your interest in growing trees makes you very special to us. When you plant trees, you are investing in future bounty and beauty. We can start leading you through this process with the planting guide presented here.
  • Wildlife Habitat Enhancement Planting

    We offer multiple types of wildlife trees and shrubs to provide hunters and other wildlife enthusiasts with sustainable vegetation to enhance wildlife habitat.